How it works.

Keep things simple
and clean on the go.

All Natural, Safe, Clean

We wanted our cleaning solution to not be limited to location. No matter where you are, it is safe to use and dispose of our soap without harm to the environment.

Our soap is so safe and natural, after cleaning your bottle, there is no need for rinsing. No after taste, no smell!




environmentally friendly

pH neutral

No Scrubbing?

We have specially formulated a cleaner that doesn’t require any extra elbow grease. Our formula uses a combination of dirt and odor trapping ingredients, effervescence, and stain penetrating power to lift even the most stubborn of stains and smells.

There are two ways to use Shaker Soap.

  • 1. Fill the bottle a third of the way with water. Add a Shaker Soap tablet. Shake the bottle for 15-30 seconds.
  • 2. For set in smells and stains it may require a little more time for our cleaner to do its magic. Fill the bottle 90 percent of the way with water, drop in 1-2 tablets (depending on the smell or stain), and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

Formulated for Convenience, Without Limitations.

Although we focus on our convenient tablets cleaning all forms of bottles on the go, there really is nothing it can't clean. We have formulated it to work with: Aluminum, stainless steel, silicone, any type of plastic, porcelain, glass, and any other type of metal.

Keeping your bottles fresh without compromise!

Shaker Soap keeps your bottle in the freshest possible condition. It does not leave any residue, smell, or after taste. Leaving you with the freshest possible bottle without affecting any future taste!